【For Rakuten Inc members】 Affordable Housing/Apartment Choices

2020.10.20 |  Life Style Info |  Useful Links | 

Hello everyone, you must belong to Rakuten or the affiliate companies. We follow up Rakuten Inc. for long time and provably about 100 members has settle down in last 5 years through us. So, now we decided to put all property information for your convenience and you can use it for your choices.


UR Housing Choices—

◆City Court Futakotamagawa (same station as Rakuten Inc.)


◆Urban Heights Mizonokuchi(4mins from Futakotamagawa)


◆Nijigaoka(9mins from Futakotamagawa and 15mins by bus)




◆Aobadai UR Light



Leopalace Choices—

More choices on Denentoshi line or Oimachi line and walkable distance from Rakuten Crimson House.

Please ask us for more information!!



Please  email to: rakuten@ur-whitestone.com  (Rakuten Housing Services Team/English speaking)