【For Rakuten Inc members】 Affordable Housing/Apartment Choices

2016.09.02 |  Life Style Info |  Useful Links | 

Hello everyone, you must belong to Rakuten or the affiliate companies. We follow up Rakuten Inc. for long time and provably about 100 members has settle down in last 5 years through us. So, now we decided to put all property information for your convenience and you can use it for your choices.


UR Housing Choices—

◆Futako tamagawa (same station as Rakuten Inc.)


◆Mizonokuchi(4mins from Futakotamagawa)


◆Saginuma(7mins from Futakotamagawa)


◆Tamaplaza(9mins from Futakotamagawa and 15mins by bus)



Leopalace Choices—

More choices on Denentoshi line or Oimachi line and walkable distance from Rakuten Crimson House.

Please ask us for more information!!



Please call up to: 03-6721-5968  or  email to: rakuten@ur-whitestone.com  (Rakuten Housing Services Team/English speaking)