Moving Companies

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All bender is reliable for our long term relationship.


◆Asian Moving, Kobayashi san

Contact: 090-3916-7598(direct)

※English basis communication, Kanto, Kansai, Nagoya area is available


◆Gohn Transport, Gohn san

Contact: 090-3902-6952(direct)

※English basis communication, estimation is simple
For more details.


◆XPS Tokyo (by Utham Kumar)

Contact: 090-1217-4445 (direct)

※House moving to office relocation is available. Reasonable and English, French and Japanese are all spoken.


◆Aida Transport  (by Ramasubramanian Gomathi)

Contact: 090-9395-9368 (direct)

※Aida san is one of friendly and kind transporter even with reasonable price.

He is very much patient and supported many foreign people.


◆Karakama Transport  (by Jun Shiraishi)

Contact: 0120-122-272(toll free), 090-1920-8241(direct)

※Karakama san has a lot of experience for foreign clients.


◆Tokyomove (by Cem(Gem) Ozler)

Contact: 090-6016-5109 (direct)

※Moving, Recycling (Used household goods sales), Removals, Consulting Services