How to: Create a Bank Account

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To have a bank account is very important, regardless of the country you live in.

Making a bank account is one of the few things you need to do to start if you plan in living and working in Japan.
However, applying a bank account is never easy specially if you do not know the language.

Here are some information and tips to help you with the process.

There are plenty of banks to choose from. The list below are the well known banks, which have plenty of branch all over Japan.


三井住友銀行 ”Sumitomo Mitsui”


みずほ銀行 ”Mizuho ginkou”


三菱東京UFJ銀行 ”Mitsubishi UFJ ginkou”


ゆうちょ銀行 ”Yuuchou Ginkou” (this bank account works with Japan post office)

**Only at Japan Post, not all public ATMS provide service with this bank.


2. Here is some useful language you will
need to know when opening a bank account!

Bank Account 銀行口座 Ginkou Kouza
Please help me with kanji 漢字を手伝って下さい。 Kanji wo tetsudatte kudasai
May I speak to an english speaking employee? 英語を話せる方と話したいです。 Eigo wo hanaseru kata to hanashitaidesu
I would like to open a new bank account. 新しい銀行口座を開きたいです。

Atarashii ginkou kouza wo hirakitaidesu


3. What you will need to bring!

1. Two forms of personal identification (these must have your address on it)

2. Your Alien Registration Card, Your Passport, and/or your public health insurance card

3. The money you want to deposit (usually they have you deposit at least a minimum amount: even just 1 yen)

4. Your address and phone number
5. Your Hanko or personal name stamp (optional)


In most cases, a bank clerk will assist you through the process. They will inform you on which application form to fill and which booth you need to go.

Please see a sample form below (referenced from a blog at “”). Forms may vary.


1. 種類 (しゅるい or Shurui). ACCOUNT TYPE:
2. 送金機能 (そうきんきのう or Sokinkino). REMITTANCE FEATURE:
3. 基準額 (きじゅんがく or Kijungaku). STANDARD LIMIT:
4. お預け入れ金額 (おあずけいれきんがく or Oazukeire Kingaku). DEPOSIT AMOUNT:
5. おところ or Otokoro. ADDRESS:
6. おなまえ or Onamae. NAME:
7. お届け印 (おとどけいん or Otodokein)。確認印 (かくにんいん or kakunin). STAMPS
8. 生年月日 (せいねんがっぴ or Seinengappi). BIRTHDATE:
9. キャッシュサービス. CASH CARD SERVICE
10. キャッシュサービス デビト機能 (きゃしゅさーびすでびときのう or kyashusa-bisudebitokino). DEBIT CARD FEATURE
11.カード種類(かーどしゅるい or ka-doshurui). CARD TYPE:
12. 暗証番号必須取り扱い(あんしょうばんごうとりあつかい or anshinbangotoriatsukai) PIN NUMBER SERVICE
13. ボランティア DONATIONS
14. 性別 (せいべつ or seibetsu). GENDER.

Great! Now you should have everything you need to successfully create your own bank account in Japan!
Good luck!