Sayonara Sale!!

2014.04.16 |  Life Style Info |  Sayonara Sale | 

Sayonara Sale in Kokuryo area of Chofu-shi.
Photos of the Items for Sale -

- These items are available just after Golden Week (tentatively around the weekend of May 10~11).
- Shipping/transportation needs to be self-arranged. (I am located in Kokuryo area of Chofu shi. Closest stations are Kokuryo on Keio line and Komae on Odakyu Line).
- Free parking available adjacent to my apartment.
- Prices are further negotiable for someone who intends to buy all or most of these items.

These were bought between Dec, 2011 and April, 2012 (Yodobashi Camera or Yamada Denki for electricals and Nitori for furnitures)



Sharp 290 litres
Spec available here >>
Original price – 50K
Asking price – 15K

Washing machine
Toshiba 5Kg
Spec available here>>
Original price – 27K
Asking price – 7K

Microwave Oven
Sharp 20Litres
Spec available here >>
Original price – 8K
Asking price – 2K

Leather Sofa (3 seater)
Original Price – 40K
Current condition – Fair (has been used over the last 2 years)
Asking price – 8KBar chairs (set of 2)

Original Price – 10K
Condition – Very good (not used extensively)
Asking price – 4K

TV rack (TV not included!!)
Original price – 12K
Asking price – 4K

Detailed Spec of the product can be found here: 

This was bought last Sep and has not been used much since then.
New model costs around 51K (Rakuten) and around 67K (directly from the manufacturer).

Asking price – 18K

Shoe Rack
Nitori product details - 

Original price – 14K JPY
Asking price – 3K JPY

Other items
Ceramic Fan Heater – 2K
1 Ceiling Lights – 1K each
Vacuum cleaner :Mitsubishi – 3K
Hair Dryer – 1K

Please contact Mr. Rajnish san at or 090-8027-1156 to discuss further.