Privacy Policy

The company may require that customers provide their personal information.
Personal information refers to information such as names, addresses, company names, and phone numbers, that can be used to identify an individual.
The company will use personal information provided by customers for the following purposes.
  • ・To conduct a preliminary inspection of an appropriate vacant property
  • ・To contact the customer arrange for them to come to the preliminary inspection
  • ・To provide support for tenancy procedures (confirmation of documents and contract)
Additionally, the company may make use of customers’ personal information, including addresses, names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and property information, in order to send promotional information regarding properties managed by other companies or partner companies’ services which the company believes may be of interest to its customers. However, the company must cease this kind of use upon the customer’s request.
The company may not use personal information provided by customers for any purposes other than those outlined under the above article (2. Personal information usage objectives).
The company may provide personal information to contractors with whom it has signed non-disclosure agreements in order to use said information to fulfil objectives for which it has gained approval.
In order to use personal information to fulfil objectives for which it has gained approval, the company may provide said information according to the following conditions.
  • ・Kind of personal information provided: Name, sex, birthdate, address, phone number, workplace, income
  • ・Means of provision: E-mail, written documents, phone, etc.
  • ・Persons or organizations to which information may be provided: Leopalace 21 Corporation
  • ・Contract required for handling of personal information: No contract required
While customers are free to choose whether or not to provide their personal information, failure to provide personal information will result in the company’s inability to fulfil the objectives outlined above (2. Personal information usage objectives).
Should the customer contact the personal information contact person to request notification, disclosure, revision, addition, deletion, cease of use, destruction or cease of provision to third parties of personal information held by the company, the company shall comply with said request.
While the company’s website uses cookies to collect information on personal usage trends, it is not possible to identify or distinguish a particular customer’s identity via the website unless a customer enters their personal information directly. If as customer does not wish to allow the use of cookies, the customer may disable cookies by changing their browser settings. However, doing so may render the customer unable to use some or all services.
The company shall establish provisions for the protection of personal information, and by ensuring that all of its employees are well informed, thorough, trained, and educated, ensure that these provisions are strictly upheld. Additionally, in order to protect personal information, the company shall take appropriate security measures.
Whitestone Co. Ltd. Personal Information Protection Manager:
Tomoko Isayama

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