About WHITESTONE Services

The UR-Apartments are first come first serve system based. You have to go to UR offices where you can check vacancies and reserve an apartment. Nonetheless, popular UR-Apartments has few vacancies and vacancy situation changes from time to time. Therefore, it is difficult for busy working people to find a UR-Apartment. Here is where WHITESTONE can help you get your desired apartment!
Increase of chance to get desired apartment.
We go to UR agency several times a day in search of vacant rooms.
Preferring the right apartment.
Through 10 years of experience, we provide trust-able and worthy information to help you find the right apartment.
We accompany our clients in room viewing.
We go with our customer in viewing the room(As the regulation, room viewing is only allowed once) and give answers to their questions.
Easy and smooth contract.
We explain thoroughly the needed documents and initially checking them before the contract date. We will accompany you until the contract signing is done!
Help in obtaining utility connections.
We contact the Utility connections(Water, Gas and Power) on your behalf.
Bilingual staff and service free of charge.
We have friendly bilingual staff(English-Japanese) to assist you. Our service is completely free of charge!
To rent an apartment with 62,500 and above monthly rent, the annual income should be 3 million yen and above for individual and 4 million yen for family.
For people whose income is less than 3 million, their monthly salary should be 4 times the value of the rent.
Eg. If one have a monthly salary of only 190,000, the maximum rent amount that one can rent is 190,000 ÷ 4 = 47,500.
One should have a 1 year visa. Short-term visa is not permitted.

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